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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



Nature & Nurture Discovery School recognizes that the first 2,000 days of a child’s life lays the foundation for their future.  For this reason, we are not just play based, we are play obsessed!  Through play, we inspire children’s natural curiosity, social skills, self-regulation, problem solving and so much more. We believe children learn best outdoors with the freedom to explore their environment, not in desks with restrictive schedules.  Children build true character when they are appreciated for who they are and what they experience not when they are told what to think and how to experience life.  Childhood should be surrounded by thought provoking experiences immersed in nature, art and music.  Families and teachers work as a collaborative team who are invested in each child’s successful development.  

Health & Safety

Nature & Nurture Discovery School takes the health and safety of all our families and teachers very seriously.  For this reason, the facility is equipped with fingerprint entry systems, a recorded closed camera system, and is fully covered with an advanced fire suppression system. 


Although illness and injuries are part of childhood, NNDS teachers make every attempt to ensure children are safe and healthy however sickness and accidents do happen.  All staff receives training in Pediatric First Aid and CPR, Fire and Water Safety as well as 10 other main areas of training before caring for children.  Children do need to be able to challenge themselves and take risks to further their development.  Teachers modify as needed to create safe but challenging environments and experiences for children.  While NNDS takes all the proper sanitization and disinfection methods required, we also recognize that childhood is meant to be messy.  Children that are often outside and play in natural materials build stronger immune systems and stay healthy.  

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