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In order to ensure the safety of our children and our staff, we have made changes to our center to create a safe and healthy environment.  

 -Our teachers have taken the Child Care During COVID-19 training through the CDC to ensure that they are up to date with the appropriate distancing strategies and cleaning/ disinfection efforts

-Staff are required to be masked throughout the entire day

-We take temperature checks upon arrival of our staff and our children. We also do temperature checks at afternoon snack

-Symptom screenings will be filled out via Brightwheel daily by guardian at dropoff

-Teachers will sanitize and disinfect their rooms and toys daily

-Children and staff wash their hands regularly throughout the day: upon arrival, before eating, after using the bathroom and after playing outside 

-Children are not permitted to bring in extra toys or items from home other than extra change of clothes and a snuggly solely for naptime that must be left here to prevent cross-contamination  

-At the end of each day, we use a fogger to thoroughly disinfect the classrooms

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